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How does revere provide the perfect fit?

Learn about our fit features, and what they all mean!

removable footbeds

If you wear an orthotic, you can remove the footbed of all of our shoes and many of our sandals and replace them with your own orthotics.

arch support

The revere footbed has been designed with contoured arch support that cradles your feet, giving you an extra spring in your step.

strap extenders

Extenders offer you perfect fitting sandals and shoes, without taking away from our stylish upper designs.

trim marks

Narrow feet? We have you covered here also. Many of our sandals include trim marks designed into our uppers, so you can reduce the length of a strap to ensure your perfect fit.

full-length fillers

If your shoes are feeling a little roomy, our custom fillers can be trimmed and placed under our contoured footbeds to provide a snug fit.

forefoot fitters

Heal the slip with our forefoot fitters. Place these underneath our contoured footbed to help reduce the volume in the shoe, and stop slipping at the heel.

forefoot cushioning

Want that "walking-on-a-cloud" feeling? We've carefully selected the materials in each footbed for maximum cushioning.

slip resistant

Did you know that selected styles feature a slip-resistant outsole? Whether you're walking or working, keep grounded with our rubber outsoles.

light weight

Walk on air with revere. We've applied innovative design to our construction to help reduce excess weight in selected styles. 

leather uppers

Avoid painful chafing and rubbing with a buttery soft leather. Find super-soft calf leather in the majority of the revere range. 

  • Your perfect fit, everytime